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Thermal Spa Velké Losiny

Relax in the thermal spa park in the town. This sport and relax facility is opened all year round.

The castle Velké Losiny

We would like to recomend, that you can visit the beautiful castle in Velke Losiny built in the late renaissance style. The castle has the rich exposition of the original historical interiors. The castle was declared as the national heritage part in 1995. There has been a dark history related to the castle regarding the medieval witch hunts in the district of Šumperk. You can also visit a large castle park with rare trees and plants.

Hydroelectric power plant Dlouhé Stráně

The unique technical buliding on the top of the mountian Dlouhé Stráně (elevation of 1350 m) with the pumping hydroelectric power plant. There is a beautiful view to the mountians from the top of the water reservoir.  It is one of the top technical miracles in Czechia. You can reach the top reservoir by the cableway from Kouty cableway base station, then you can walk 4 km or you can take a minibus. There are the tours inside the power plant available. Due to the strictly limited capacity and high demand, we recomend you to make the bookings in advance on

Ski areal Kouty

The modern alpine ski slopes in Kouty nad Desnou. There are six seat ski lift and 11 km of ski slopes, opened daily in winter. The evening skiing on the weekends, ski rental, ski school, restaurants and bars. There are also nice tracks for cross country skiing.

Lyžování v Koutech
Lyžování v Koutech


This is the highest mountain of Moravia and Silesia - elevation of 1492 m. Very popular hiking trip during whole year.

The Sky Walk Dolní Morava

The very popular tourist site - Dolní Morava, where is a lot of the tourist attractions. The Sky Walk is built on the top of the mountain with the elevation of 1136 m. From the top of the path you could see the whole mountians of Králický Sněžník with a lovely valley of Morava river, you could also see the mountains of Jeseníky and in the distace The Giant Mountains (Krkonoše). You could reach it from Dolní Morava by cableway or by the walk . There are also 8 ski slopes, snow trails U, many attractions for the kids - The Child´s FUN park, bobsleigh and the newly opened The Mammoth Alpine coaster, which is 3 km long.

Pohled z úbočí Pradědu
Pohled z úbočí Pradědu

The Paper Manufactory Velké Losiny (Ruční papírna)

The historical manufactory opened all year round, where has been since 16th century produced the original hand made paper in traditional way. You can take a tour inside and see the ongoing production of paper and then you could see the exhibition in the hand made paper musuem. We would highly recommend your visit.